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The Origin of Sake: The traditional Japanese Drink

Sake is a traditional Japanese drink that has been enjoyed for centuries, also known as "nihonshu", sake is a result of rice fermentation and is considered a national drink of Japan. But have you ever wondered, how did this popular drink come about?

The history of sake dates back to the 3rd century, when it is believed that rice was first fermented to produce alcoholic beverages in Japan. However, sake as we know it today did not appear until the 7th century. At that time, Buddhist monks began producing sake in temples, using fermentation techniques they had learned from China and Korea. 

During 1603 to 1868, sake became a popular drink among the upper classes of Japanese society. Laws were established to regulate production, distribution, and different varieties of the drink emerged. Sake brewers began to use more advanced fermentation and filtration techniques, which allowed them to improve the quality of sake and create new varieties with different flavors and aromas. 

Today, sake remains a popular drink in Japan and around the world. Its production has been modernized in some respects, but many traditional techniques remain. The sake production process involves fermenting rice, which is cleaned and soaked before being steamed. Koji, a special type of fungus, is then added, which helps convert the starch in the rice into fermentable sugars. Yeast is then added to the resulting liquid, and it’s left to ferment for several weeks before being filtered and bottled. 

Sake can be enjoyed at different temperatures, depending on the variety and time of year. Cold sake is known as "reishu", while hot sake is called "atsukan". There are also varieties of sake with different levels of sweetness and acidity, allowing a wide variety of choices for sake drinkers.  

The origin of sake: the traditional Japanese drink

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Undoubtedly, sake is a drink with a great history around the world. From its origin in Buddhist temples to its popularity in Japanese society, it has evolved and perfected over the centuries. Today, sake remains an iconic drink of Japan, and can be enjoyed around the world thanks to its unique and distinctive taste.

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