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5 must-try drinks at Tora

Tora Cancun has a spectacular view of the Nichupte lagoon, the minimalist and elegant decor will wrap you with its atmosphere. Its location, Japanese-inspired dishes, and the incredible happenings throughout the night will make you have a great experience.

At Tora everything is spectacular, but without a doubt, it is worth exploring their mixology menu, it’s creative, extraordinary and with great attention to detail, just like the Japanese culture, come and say cheers from our decks! 

Kurutta Chie

Kurutta Chie is the perfect combination of Japanese whiskey, lime juice and tangerine bitters. In addition to its distinctive taste, its presentation is simply stunning. The detail in the design is impressive and a true work of art. 

Wasabi martini

This is a Japanese take on a martin. This drink has a Japanese touch thanks to its wasabi infusion with cucumber. It’s a fresh mix, with a unique after-taste. Let yourself be surprised by its flavors and elegant presentation. 

Infusion Balls

An Infusion Ball is Tora's signature drink, a visual spectacle worth discovering on your next visit. This drink is prepared with natural fruits, you can order it with passion fruit or berries and it also has edible flowers. It can be prepared with gin or vodka. 

5 must-try drinks at Tora


Sake is one of the most popular drinks in Japan, a fermented rice-based liquor. Sake can be served cold, warm or hot, depending on the type of sake or the season of the year. Its color can vary from clear to pale golden.

In Tora you have several options, you can order a bottle and enjoy it with your favorite person by the lagoon. 

A cold beer

A cold beer is always a good idea, pair those special moments with your favorite drink.  Remember that we will always serve it exactly the way you like it. 



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