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Robatayaki the Japanese gastronomic technique you should know

Literally translated as “cooking by the fireplace”, Robatayaki is a traditional Japanese style of cooking grilled meat and fish.

Robata, as it’s commonly abbreviated, has become increasingly popular around the world thanks to its artistic flair, cultural heritage, and the incredible flavors and aromas created on the grill.

In many Japanese food restaurants, you can admire the Robata from a “U” shaped table where diners are part of the preparation process and observe the chef’s techniques that simulate a choreography with precision and beauty in each movement. 

In Tora Cancun you can find this type of ancient technique and enjoy a great range of flavors in different presentations, such as skewers, “pinchos” and the most exclusive beef cuts such as: Kobe beef, New York, Rib Eye and Japanese Wagyu. 

What makes the robata so special?

The robata grills have a different design and technology, they’re usually a bit narrow from the regular ones, the charcoal used is called Bicho-tan, a non chemical oak charcoal, therefore it doesn’t give off the aromas of a regular coal, it’s more subtle and delicate.

Another important aspect of the Robata is the Chef’s expertise, since he/she must know how to control the cooking process, temperature, seasonings and master the versatility of each ingredient: fish, meat and vegetables; all this while simultaneously cooking several

dishes at the same time. 


If you want to experience a true Robata by the Nichupté Lagoon in one of the most exclusive Japanese restaurants in Mexico, Tora is your best option.

Don’t forget to make your reservation and keep an open mind, in order to try exclusive ingredients from around the world. 

Robatayaki the Japanese gastronomic technique you should know


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