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Kobe beef: a Japanese culinary treasure

Kobe has gained popularity over the years, however just a few restaurants in the country are authorized to sell and distribute it, and Tora Cancun is one of them. The flavor and majestic texture of this meat make it unique in its kind. Let us take you to learn more about this culinary jewel that is part of our Japanese Beef Reserve. 

Kobe is a city located between the mountains and the sea whose major activities revolve around trade due to its privileged location that allows it to be the center of exports from all over the world. It’s the sixth largest city in Japan and the capital of Hyōgo prefecture, a southern region of the island of Honshū. 

Therefore Kobe beef is that which comes from this region and is certified by the Kobe Beef Marketing and Distribution Association representing 0.16% of beef consumption in Japan. 

According to this regulatory council, Kobe beef is the meat from pure Tajima-gyu oxen or cows between 28 and 60 months old, raised exclusively from the pure breed of Tajima cattle obtained by crossing generations of exclusive bulls to Hyogo Prefecture. Lineages that are highly cared for and therefore raise the price of the final product. 

Kobe beef has a high percentage of fat infiltrated in the muscle, which gives it a marbled appearance, in fact, there is a classification according to the amount of fat in the cut. There are two types of classification:

Production. which determines the number of cuts that can be obtained from the piece, there being 3 levels (A,B,C). To obtain Kobe beef certification it must be A or B.

el kobe

Quality. Depending on marbling, texture, firmness, color, and other factors that score the meat on a scale of 1 to 5. To obtain the Kobe chrysanthemum, they can only score 4 and 5. If you’re not sure how to distinguish Kobe beef you can consider the following info:

  1. It must have a seal in the shape of a chrysanthemum (the Japanese national flower).

  2. The establishment must have a bronze statue that is given to official places.

  3. When displaying the meat, they must bring the certificate of authenticity to your table that includes the seal, the brand of the beef, and the identification number. 

The exclusivity of this cut of steak lies in the breeding process, the controlled lineage, the import protocols, and of course the quality. This is what makes it an extraordinary culinary experience. 

If you’re looking for Kobe beef in Cancun, Tora is the ideal place. We have the certification to serve you this exquisite meat, prepared to perfection in a masterful way by our experts.


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