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Izakaya: the art of sharing

Tora is a window to Japanese culture mixed with a touch of modernity and festivity. We invite you to discover the greatness of its nights that will make you experience incredible moments in Cancun's hotel zone.  

The concept of Tora is inspired by the Izakayas of Japan, the purpose of an Izakaya is to relax after a work day in an exciting atmosphere, without sacrificing good food and the diversity of flavors and ingredients. You can find Izakayas in the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, they are very popular in Japan and the name literally means "sake store where you sit". 

The most important thing about an izakaya is to share; many dishes are ordered at the center of the table for the guests to taste different meals; it’s not about everyone having their own dish, but to live a collective experience, with interesting conversations and a moment of fun together. 

Remember the portions are designed to be a flavor that accompanies the evening, not to make you feel satisfied after a short time and send you home immediately. Otherwise, you wouldn't be able to spend enough time to enjoy the full Tora experience that includes live percussion, music, fireworks and much more. 


When you come to Tora, we recommend you to do it in a group and live an Izakaya style experience, enjoy the variety of dishes such as: ceviches, tiraditos, rib eye, octopus carpaccio, hot rice pot, sushi rolls, nigiris, exclusive Japanese beef cuts and much more. 

In addition to our contemporary Japanese cuisine we also have a selection of exclusive mixology that will surprise your senses. Premium distillates, creative combinations, artistic presentations and a touch of oriental essence that you can't miss.  

Break the rule of a meal divided into first or second courses and individual dishes to have a more authentic approach to Japanese culture, with one of the best views of the hotel zone: the Nichupte lagoon. Take home a memorable moment you will never forget. 


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