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Experience the magic of an Omakase in Tulum

Japanese cuisine is full of  traditions and rituals when it comes to cooking or eating. One of these rituals is an Omakase, a very common practice that’s breaking barriers and becoming a regular in many restaurants of the world, in Tora Tulum you can enjoy it at its best. 

The Omakase is a tasting menu that aims to surprise your senses through a selection of nigris, sushi rolls or skewers

The world Omakase means “to trust o put yourself in the hands of the chef”, it’s considered an act of trust and a way of telling him that he has total control and decision over your dish, he will be able to decide which niguiris to offer you, to pick the freshest seafood and the ideal combinations for the season. 

An Omakase is special because it means that the restaurant you’re visiting has a recognized chef with skills and knowledge to be able to recommend dishes to their guests, as well as the ideal ingredients to offer you an experience full of extraordinary flavors and perfection in every bite.

The presentation is an essential part of the experience, usually the chef or the waiter gives a brief explanation about the dishes and the chosen ingredients. 

Many Omakases in Japan are enjoyed by the restaurant counter bar to have direct contact with the chef. Many, even have limited places to create quality dishes and give them the time and dedication they deserve, in Japan the art of preparing and tasting food is almost a ceremony. 

Omakase in Tulum

In Tora Tulum you can order our Bento Box, a gourmet selection from the chef where you can taste our cuisine’s emblematic flavors, such as Ora King salmon, Miso cod, or fresh hamachi among others.

In addition to being able to enjoy top Japanese dishes, Tora has other magnificent options such as Kobe beef, Wagyu beef, Japanese mushroom rice bowls and much more. 

Tora takes you on a journey to distant destinations, with the service and quality you deserve. 

Don’t miss out on visiting one of the most sophisticated and avant-garde Japanese restaurants in Tulum. 

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