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5 must-try dishes of Japanese cuisine

Japanese cuisine is recognized worldwide, especially for sushi. However, we can find more and more restaurants that offer their specialties or are inspired by their recipes to create new dishes. There are many must-haves that should not be missing from any Japanese menu, we share with you some of them. 

Sopa miso

An authentic Japanese soup, it is made with miso, which is a paste made from soybeans, fermented with a fungus called Koji. In miso soups you can find other ingredients such as tofu, leek, scallion or wakame seaweed. It is one of the most popular soups and one of the perfect appetizers before continuing with a sushi roll. 


One of the most iconic dishes of Japanese cuisine. Known worldwide and each country has adapted it with different ingredients, but we all know that it is a dish whose base is rice prepared with rice vinegar, sugar and salt; sushi is usually associated with fish and seafood as main ingredientes, but there are many variations and styles like maki, nigiri, temaki or futomaki, among others. Don't miss out on trying them and decide which one is your favorite.


Ramen has gained popularity over the years, this Japanese dish has a great history and a great Chinese influence. Ramen noodles are made with a wheat flour-based dough and a broth made with meat, which can be chicken or pork, and is usually served with a boiled egg, onion, mushrooms, and different types of meat.

5 must-try dishes of Japanese cuisine


The literal translation of yakitori means "grilled bird". Yakitori are skewers, usually chicken but the protein can vary. They are usually accompanied by teriyaki sauce or other types of spicy sauce or soy. It's a delicacy of the streets of Japan, perfect for eating something delicious and cheap on a day of sightseeing, or for residents of this city. 


Edamame is a simple yet delicious recipe. It’s a dish based on boiled soybean pods and served with different sauces that add great flavor. It’s served with the whole pod, but you should only eat the beans inside, it’s usually prepared with soy sauce. 

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