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4 dishes to share at Tora

Remember that the concept of Tora is inspired by the Izakayas of Japan, these places are usually meeting points to get together after work and have a drink, as well as share food in a relaxed and quiet atmosphere. 

In the Izakayas, dishes are ordered to the center to enjoy a great variety of flavors and this is precisely our recommendation when you visit Tora in Tulum. 

These are the 4 dishes you must try:

Duo tartare

The freshness of seafood at Tora is simply unmatched. This duo of tartars is ideal to enjoy unique and spectacular flavors. 

This entree includes Ora King Salmon and Bluefin Tuna with a rice cracker.  

Rice Fireballs

If you’re looking for fantastic flavors in unique presentations, don't miss our rice fireballs, these crispy spheres with Alaskan King Crab flambéed at the table are one of the favorite dishes of our menu. 

Bento Box

Do you like to try new flavors? The Bento Box is a gourmet tasting Chef's selection that includes: Ora King salmon nigiris, hamachi tiradito, sweet corn and truffle gyozas, edamame a la robata, miso cod, Kurobuta skewers. 

The ideal dish to order, share and connect with the essence of Japanese cuisine.

dishes to share at Tora

Hot rice pot

These rice pots are a traditional dish in Japan, our Takikomi Gohan has transcended generations, being an honor to present it in our menu as a signature dish of the chef, made with enoki mushrooms, shiitake, eringui and shimeji. You can order it with shrimp, if you want to add an extra touch. 

Our menu has several options for you and your group of friends, visit Tora and live an exceptional night impregnated with Japanese culture in an exceptional space in the hotel zone of Tulum. 


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