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What’s the right way to eat sushi?

Sushi is one of the most emblematic dishes in Japan, it can even be eaten for breakfast. In Mexico and the world there are more and more restaurants, getting common by the day. 

Today we share with you the most correct or traditional way to eat sushi.

  1. The order

Although there is no rule as such, the most correct way is to start with the nigiris and finish with the makis. You should also start with the milder fish and finish with the fattier ones. 

  1. You can eat with your hand 

You may be an expert in the art of eating with chopsticks, but in case it might be a little complicated you should know that sushi can also be eaten with your hand. In Japan it is a very common practice. 

  1. In one bite

Remember not to bite the sushi in half, if you go to a specialized place to eat authentic Japanese food, they will not make your rolls too big in order to do that. It will be the perfect size to be able to eat it in one bite. 

  1. Regular soy sauce

Plain soy is the most traditional in Japanese cuisine, but we understand that in different cultures and establishments, soy with lemon has become popular. If you want a more authentic experience, try your rolls with only natural soy sauce. 

  1. Do not dip it in soy and/or use too much 

Remember you should only dip the fish, not the rice. The idea is to only dip a little bit, don't over do it. You can even help yourself with ginger; soak it and let its drops fall on the desired part of your roll. 


  1. Do not mix the wasabi with the soy sauce

This is another of the most common customs, but not one of the most traditional. It mixes flavors that should not be mixed, besides not being very aesthetic and let's remember that Japanese culture takes great care of this aspect during culinary experiences. 

  1. Ginger does not go in sushi

Ginger is used to cleanse the palate between bites, do not put it on top of sushi.

If you want to change flavors, or types of seafood, ginger is ideal to do so. 

Are you ready to eat sushi? We invite you to discover its flavors in Tora and live an adventure full of Japanese nuances, with the most exclusive seafood and the most authentic techniques. 

We will be waiting for you. 


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