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A Guide To The World Of Nigiris

Nigiri is Japanese cuisine condensed in a bite, its freshness, simplicity and precision make it one of the stars of Japanese gastronomy. A dish that may seem simple at first glance, but encapsulates history, flavor and delicacy.

There are three elements for sushi to be born in Japan: being an archipelago where fishing abounds, a 1603 veto that prohibited eating beef and the influence of vegetarianism of the Buddhist religion. 

This post is a guide to learn more about nigiris:

The rice is key to be able to have the necessary consistency, as well as the experience and expertise of the chef, who will shape and cut the fish in a masterful way, to accommodate the niguiri with the perfect size to be served on your plate. 

These are some of the types of nigiri that exist: 

Salmon nigiri - Sake

Tuna nigiri - Maguro 

Yellowtail nigiri - Hamachi

Egg nigiri - Tamago

Eel nigiri - Unagi

Octopus nigiri - Tako

Shrimp Nigiri - Ebi

Toro tuna nigiri - Toro 

The World Of Nigiris

Finally, we share with you a couple of recommendations for eating nigiris: 

  • Nigiris just like makis should be eaten in one bite.

  • Dip the fish side in soy sauce and not the rice side, as too much soy sauce would eliminate the flavor of the fresh fish. 

  • Remember to eat the nigiri with chopsticks or your hand, but never with cutlery.

At Tora Cancun you can find a great selection of nigiris to enjoy with other Japanese influenced dishes such as robata grill, kobe beef in Cancun, wagyu and sushi rolls. If you are looking for where to eat Japanese food in Cancun, this is your option. 


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