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5 reasons to visit Tora Tulum

Tora is a unique and stylish Japanese restaurant, an option to experience the best nights in Tulum. Be carried away by its Asian charm, elegant spaces and its atmosphere of celebration in one of the hottest destinations of the moment. 

Come and discover a culinary journey full of exclusive flavors and ancient techniques that pay tribute to one of the most extraordinary cuisines in the world, paired by the best mixology in the destination. Tora is the ideal place to explore Japanese food. 

Culinary proposal

Find an unprecedented gastronomic proposal, with great Japanese classics such as sushi, nigiris and kobe beef, as well as exquisite proteins fused and prepared with Asian sauces and techniques. Tora is synonymous with modernity and innovation with artistic minimalism that you can feel in every bite of their dishes. 

High-quality seafood and fish

Dare to taste exotic flavors of the world of the highest quality. Our products are exclusive, regulated and sustainable, carefully chosen for the brand. Here you can enjoy cuts of steak, fish and seafood that you will not find anywhere else in the world.

Avant-garde mixology

Just as Japanese culture pays attention to every detail, at Tora we make every drink a work of art. Each presentation is impeccable so that the cocktails reflect an authentic concept, with movement and fascinating flavors. 

Tora's cocktail bar is a true gem that you should not miss on your next trip to Tulum

Tora Tulum

Japanese aesthetics

Every drink, every dish, and dessert has an exceptional presentation. All details are aesthetically harmonious and seek to leave an indelible impression during your visit. Eating sushi will become a sensory experience that you will want to repeat.

Dreamy desserts

Desserts are as essential as any main dish on the menu. The most sophisticated ingredients and gourmet pastry techniques come together to create the best desserts in Tulum. Always leave room for dessert, we promise you won't regret it. 

Visit one of the best Japanese restaurants in Tulum and live an exceptional moment tasting first class Japanese food with an international touch.

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