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3 styles of Japanese cuisine you should know

Japan is an extraordinarily unique country, known for its history, culture, temples and, of course, gastronomy. Several Japanese dishes have become popular around the world, such as sushi or ramen, which have become unmissable and icons of Japanese cuisine. 

Its gastronomy is diverse, extremely complex and minimalist at the same time, focusing on the quality of the ingredients and the perfection of the technique when preparing food.

Beyond the techniques, we share with you 3 of the many styles of Japanese cuisine. 


Agemono is the name given to the technique of battering food, whether it’s proteins or vegetables. 

Fried preparations arrived in Japan in the second half of the 16th century. This technique was imported by the European missionaries from China and is especially used for seafood and vegetables known as tempura.

Japanese frying is lighter than in other countries, and is made with Japanese breadcrumbs and potato starch. This is the origin of what we know today as tempura.  


Tora's creation was inspired by the Izakayas of Japan for its concept. The idea of after-office places is a very Japanese style of eating and socializing, where people gather after the office to drink sake and eat dishes that are shared at the table. In these bars, the idea of ordering a personal entree is left behind, and people opt to order snacks in the center, so that interaction and sharing is the most important part of this meeting. 

In addition, this way you can enjoy many more options from the menu. 

3 styles of Japanese cuisine


Omakase means putting yourself in the hands of the chef, and trusting totally in his choices and preparation technique. This concept consists of tasting the food as it is prepared and the dishes can vary according to the chef’s inspiration, talent, creativity and available ingredients. This concept is more related to sushi bars and diners can live a totally immersive and more diverse experience, as well as taste the freshest seafood. 

What technique or styles of Japanese cuisine have you already tried?


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